microIOC M-Box-light
Versatile motion control

plug & play motion control solution for stepper motors

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What is it?

Each microIOC from Cosylab contains all necessary components for plug&play, such as lots of RAM, an industrial grade Compact Flash card, a reliable universal power supply, and most importantly, your control system of choice (EPICS, ACS or TANGO) already installed and preconfigured.
Key features
  • microIOC in sleek and robust enclosure
  • reliable industrial hardware – no fan, no disk, no moving parts
  • extensible with serial, GPIB, and analog/digital I/O interfaces
  • preinstalled Linux operating system and Web-based configuration, monitoring and control
  • pre-installed control system support (EPICS, ACS, TANGO)
  • easy software upgrades, from Cosylab or with the optional developement environment
microIOC is manufactured by Cosylab
Determine beam position. Quickly.

10.06.08 Cosylab and Bergoz instrumentation test microIOC LR-BPM product at Soleil, France

05.06.08 Cosylab an industrial exhibitor on EPAC 08

20.03.08 Cosylab is co-organizing a conference on Particle Accelerator Control - PCaPAC

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